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Case Study - Influencer Gifting Marketplace

SendGifts is the platform for influencers where they can create a wishlist and share it with their fans to accept the gifts without even providing their home address. Complete privacy for the influencers and their fans!
Custom Web Application



The seedling idea for SendGifts sprouted from a personal circumstance. Our founder envisioned a solution for sending gifts without the awkward necessity of asking for addresses. This vision bloomed into Surprise Gift, a platform that facilitated anonymous gifting.

Early Days:

With a blend of dedication and swift action, Surprise Gift was launched. The platform garnered a favorable response, orchestrating 400 orders within the initial three months. However, the manual slog of collecting addresses and placing orders individually posed a challenge, nudging our founder towards seeking a more streamlined solution.

A New Direction:

Identifying a broader horizon, the focus pivoted towards crafting a platform for influencers, making the gifting process from fans seamless and private. This thought trail led to the birth of, a platform where influencers could share a wishlist, and fans could send gifts effortlessly.

Our Technical Approach at Bootstrap Guru:

We embraced the new direction with a clear roadmap. Utilizing a tech stack of Vue.js for a reactive interface, Tailwind CSS for a sleek design, and Laravel for robust backend operations, we began the developmental journey. The deployment on AWS with a serverless configuration ensured a scalable, high-performance architecture. In a tight span of two weeks, the new face of was ready, encapsulating the expanded vision and offering a seamless gifting experience to a wider audience.

Outcome: now stands as a bridge between influencers and fans, making gifting a breeze. The transition showcased our agility at Bootstrap Guru to adapt to evolving visions and deliver a market-ready solution efficiently.

Conclusion: The unfolding of SendGifts highlights our capability at Bootstrap Guru to navigate through vision changes, tackle technical challenges head-on, and deliver a refined solution that resonates with the market needs. It's a testament to our commitment to turning ideas into impactful digital solutions, irrespective of the evolutionary stage they are in.

What we did

  • Design, Frontend & Backend
  • Payment Gateway Integration - Stripe
  • Laravel
  • VueJS
  • Tailwind CSS
First MVP
2 weeks
Orders Processed
Pivot Project
2 months

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